Have you ever bought a paperback and had pages falling out a short time after? Most paperback books aren’t even stitched! They are ‘perfect bound’ which, in effect, is anything but perfect.


We can also recover dilapidated hard cover books. Period binding and restoration of old books can be costly, however since we use acid-free board, materials and adhesive, all of our books have a minimum shelf life of 300 years.


Allbook Bindery can re-bind and re-cover both soft and hard cover books into a hard cover with gold or silver embossing of the title and author on the spine and cover. The cost will likely exceed the purchase price, however books that we sew and re-cover will not fall apart. Guaranteed!


Please note that not all books can be sewn or re-sewn as there might not be enough binding margin. But you can be sure the adhesives and book spine reinforcement will be far superior to the original. To get a quote please bring your book into our Bindery and we will be happy to help!