Margins - Please leave a margin of approximately 35 - 40mm (3.5 - 4cm) on the binding (spine) side of the book. If your document is double-sided you need to adjust your margins to be mirrored and also check the position of page numbers and header/footer content.

Thickness - 400 pages of 80gsm or 40mm (4cm) in thickness make the ideal thickness in a hard covered book. This is a guide, but books that measure over 40mm (4cm) in thickness are better presented as two volumes.

Editing Time - To avoid disappointment, be aware that final editing takes time. Set yourself a realistic time-frame for the final steps of printing and binding.

Other Tips - Always check the page sequence of your book - especially if you have printed it yourself. Plan a shortened version of your thesis title, in case your title has too many words for the width of your book.



Thesis Preparation Tips - Allbook Bindery